English Entrepreneurs Course

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Do you want to improve your child’s skills with something unique? Turn these lessons into educational play time for your children.

Our online Academy will allow you to:

  • stimulate creativity knowing how to manage small projects
  • improve your self-esteem
  • They will have a unique opportunity to learn new skills through alternative training, where play plays a fundamental role.

The Small Entrepreneurs course is aimed at girls and boys aged 7 to 13.

Teaching entrepreneurship from an early age allows you to develop soft skills, such as, for example, knowing how to deal with and solve small problems, the so-called problem solving, knowing how to adapt to the continuous changes that surround us, developing positive attitudes and having greater self-confidence, not forgetting the key behind success: creativity and failure management. It is important to accept failure as a strength and not a weakness. As children they repeatedly told us that one learns making mistakes, but gradually, as adults this theory seems not to be taken into consideration and what should be a moment of reflection on why we did not succeed in our project, becomes a moment of pessimism and mistrust of the own abilities.

The Small Entrepreneurs course is the 1st entrepreneurship course in Italy for young minds.

Choose when to start the live course by consulting the availability on the calendar, when you want and where you want.

Teach your children how to manage money, how to turn an idea into a real project, save today to invest tomorrow … and many other topics that are only addressed by adults. Remember, it’s never too early to learn! Learn the right skills by playing to be successful in life!

Informazioni aggiuntive

Video Lezioni

Il corso è formato da 18 capitoli, ciascuno dei quali presenta video lezioni animate e quiz di verifica delle abilità dopo ogni argomento.
Al termine del corso, i giovani studenti riceveranno l'attestato di partecipazione Piccoli Imprenditori Academy.


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